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We offer nearly 500 chemical raw materials in our regular stock.
Many of them are readily available in our warehouses.


Why is it worth cooperating with us?


Reliability and Experience
We've been in the business since 1998, serving 12 industrial sectors. We are a leading supplier of products such as glycerin, glycols, amines, sulfates, nitrates, phosphates, acids, and hydroxides. We collaborate with 2000 clients across 35 global markets. We hold a high credit rating - 3A1 according to Dun & Bradstreet.


Availability of Goods
Thanks to our large warehouse space, most of our chemical raw materials are readily available, and we can ship them very quickly.


Fast and Safe Delivery
With our resources such as our own fleet of heavy goods vehicles, warehouses, customs warehouses, and container transport platform, we control the entire supply chain to ensure smooth order fulfillment and minimize risk for our clients.


Proven Quality of Chemical Raw Materials
Quality is our top priority. We source from reliable suppliers and constantly monitor the quality of our products. We have an ISO quality management system, GMP+ certification for additives, feed materials, and premixes.


Convenient Packaging and Custom Labeling
We provide raw materials in packaging tailored to customer needs. We deliver in big bags, tanks, pallet containers, barrels, cans, and bottles. Upon request, we also prepare individual labels for customers.


Efficient Communication and Partner Relations
Each client has a dedicated account manager who ensures that the sales process runs smoothly and seamlessly. In our daily communication, we are guided by respect for others, responsibility, and honesty.


Environmental Care
We use renewable energy sources, measure our carbon footprint, and work on minimizing our environmental impact.



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